Welcome to Oak Class!

The Year 1 Teacher is:

Mrs Towell

The Year 1 Teaching Assistant is:

Mrs Wright

Here you will find information about upcoming topics, events, class trips and general day to day information.  We will keep you updated with all the lovely activities your children have been taking part in so you can continue their learning at home.  As you can see we have been very busy already!

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Our Topic this term:

Whatever The Weather!





Our Class Book this term:

Thunder Boomer 

by Shutta Crum


Weekly Spellings:


Monday     Tuesday    Wednesday   Thursday    Friday   one    two   three    four    eight


Saturday   Sunday     zero    five    six     seven    nine     ten      eleven      twelve


called     asked    helped    looked   circled    whizzed    rained     snowed     thundered    could


what   where     hear      ear       there       people       want       suitcase       bookshelf        raincoat


crayon     stayed     played     snowflake     brake      train       brain      rainbow       grey      they

To help your children learn their times tables.


We should be able to read and spell the following words:

 the     like    I    and      was    he      she      said      so

see      day    for     went    all    how    has    her    his    one

two     our    was    what    new      off          if             do           ask             saw        now       want        some      out       here

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve

Thirteen   fourteen   fifteen   sixteen   seventeen   eighteen   nineteen    twenty   are   about  




You may not be aware but, in year 1 the children have to complete and pass a Phonics Screening Test set by the Government in June. In this test children are required to read 20 real words and 20 fake words using all phonic sounds up to and including phase 5. 

To aid children with their phonics skills nearer the time we will be sending home examples of the words they might be asked to read during the test. 

Please don't worry about the test, as in previous years, the children have quite enjoyed it and are unaware of a test being carried out.

Please find the list below of all the sounds the children are expected to know (confidently) before June.



Phase 2

Continue learning at home!

Here are some useful educational websites and apps you can access from home (many of which we use in class).

Websites (click on the links below)

Free Apps:

  • Phonics Genius- Innovative Mobile Apps
  • Times Tables- Koalapps
  • Math Puppy- Kids Game Club
  • Timestablelite- Magnicode
  • Motion Math- Motion Math
  • My spelling- Funflip Studios
  • Phonics Awareness- bugbrained.com