St George's CE Primary School


Don't forget about our wonderful online library of books available at 

Reading is so important at the moment and if you are running out of books at home, then log on to Rising Stars Reading Planet to access a huge variety of reading books suitable for you from Nursery up to Y6. All e-books even have a range of accompanying comprehension questions to ensure you are working on your comprehension skills as well as your fluency. 

All children have been given a username and password to log on. However, if you can't find your details, please contact school or drop a line to your class e-mail address (eg ) and we will be happy to share them you.

All the best and Happy Reading!!!

Miss Walker

Reading Planet FAQs

I am reading books online but I am not getting any stars? 

To achieve stars, you must read the book AND answer all the questions. Questions appear regularly throughout the e-book and also at the end. Look for a green circle icon with a question mark. This tells you that there are questions about the page you are reading. 

How do I logon on? I can't remember my username and password.

You can e-mail your teacher on your class e-mail (eg or contact the school and we will happily send you your username and password. 

 Why won't the system save my questions?

 Why does the system keep freezing?

This could be a browser issue. The preferable browsers to use are Chrome and Firefox.

Be sure to clear your cache by using CTRL + F5. If problems still persist, use Icognito or another Private Browsing Engine.