Kestrel Class


Welcome to Kestrel class, Year 6, taught by Miss Kay and Mrs Jamieson. Please take your time to find out what we've covered so far this year, and what is still to come. 


Maths Booster Revision at Home 

Want to do more at home but don't have the resources? Download this essential document to access previous SATs questions and target the areas you're finding challenging. 


This term we will not be revising particular words but spelling rules/patterns. I suggest you practice at home by finding words with these different spellings and categorising them: 

Week 1 -Friday 26th -tion, -sion,-ssion, -cian

Week 2 - Friday 3rd - ‘ancy’ ‘ance’ ‘ence’ ‘ency’

Week 3 - Friday 10th - Year 5/6 Words 


Our literacy focus for Summer 1



As we wave goodbye to the Mayans in Topic we say hello to...

You'll have to wait and see!

Recommended Reads for Year 6 for  higher level vocabulary opportunities: 

  • The Hobbit
  • Harry Potter
  • The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • How to train your dragon 
  • Little Women 
  • Percy Jackson and the lightening thief (any of the series)
  • Boy - Tales of childhood (Roald Dahl autobiography)
  • The secret garden
  • Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Journey to the centre of the earth 
  • Stig of the Dump
  • Boy in the striped pajamas 
  • Wizard of Oz

Check your Text Here! Ideally you should be reading texts between 900 - 1000+ lexile rated. This is measured taking into consideration the vocabulary and complexity of the sentence structures within the text. However you should also read texts you enjoy so don't worry too much if every book you read doesn't reach this level. 

Enter text...

Useful Websites 

Vocabulary - improve your vocabulary for reading and writing 

Spelling- Year 5/6 Spelling List Game 

Times Table Rockstars - battle your friends, beat your PB and become a rock legend

Terrific Scientific  - explore, investigate, question

Purple Mash - ICT skills 

Expectations for Reading at home in Year 6

Reading at home in an essential part of your Primary School Education and frequent studies have shown that not only does it improve your fluency in reading but also improves spellings and broadens your vocabulary for writing.

It is expected that you read a minimum of   4 times a week, in Year 6, for at least 20-30 minutes each time. However you’re more than welcome and encouraged to read more and for a longer duration.  You need to record the date, number of pages read and book on each occasion, this can be done independently. Your record should then be signed by an adult to confirm these entries. You must bring your reading book and record to school every day and present it on Tuesday to Miss Kay.

We will continue with our reading raffle this year, and a child will be selected at the end of each half term. It is expected you will read 10 times, in order to receive a raffle ticket and take part in the draw.

Reading club will continue this year, during lunch from 12:00-12:30, for pupils who haven’t read or had their records signed.


Our trip to the Jorvik Centre .