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Our Text this term
Our Text this term

Expectations for Reading at home in Year 6

Reading at home in an essential part of your Primary School Education and frequent studies have shown that not only does it improve your fluency in reading but also improves spellings and broadens your vocabulary for writing.

It is expected that you read a minimum of   4 times a week, in Year 6, for at least 20-30 minutes each time. However you’re more than welcome and encouraged to read more and for a longer duration.  You need to record the date, number of pages read and book on each occasion, this can be done independently. Your record should then be signed by an adult to confirm these entries. You must bring your reading book and record to school every day and present it on Tuesday to Miss Kay.

We will continue with our reading raffle this year, and a child will be selected at the end of each half term. It is expected you will read 10 times, in order to receive a raffle ticket and take part in the draw.

Reading club will continue this year, during lunch from 12:00-12:30, for pupils who haven’t read or had their records signed.



Spelling Test 1: Friday 14th Sept:  accident – experience

Spelling Test 2: Friday 21st Sept : experiment – ordinary

Spelling Test 3: Friday 5th October : peculiar – women

Over the next four weeks we will be revising the Year 3/4 spelling lists as Year 6 are expected to use and apply these words in their writing and they often appear at the end of the year in the SATs. I suggest you test yourself on the 36 words initially and then identify which spellings you need to practice. I will select a variety of spellings from the list at random.


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