Osprey Class

We welcome you to Osprey Class 

The class teachers are Miss Walker and Mrs Knight.

Supporting the children in the class are Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Jamieson and Mrs Conway. 

Osprey Class Trip to Stockport Air Raid Shelters 

North and South America Topic

We loved learning about WW2 over the Spring Term, but we are now starting a new topic for the Summer Term. 

Our new topic requires us to travel over the Atlantic Ocean to our first stop, South America. As geographers, we are going to map the different countries in S. America and identify physical features, including the Amazon Rainforest. 

Our next stop will be the continent of North America, where we will visit the USA! The children will map the United States and find out just what is so special about the USA.  

The topic will cover weather and climate, tourism, culture and history, comparing this to Britain.  



The text for this half term is The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. The theme of the book centres around the importance of conserving the Amazon Rainforest. Based around this topical theme, the children will be researching the rainforest and completing reports on this subject. The children will also be exploring settings and composing their own narratives about The Great Kapok Tree.    


Reading Expectations

At St. George's, we want ALL children to be confident, fluent readers who have an astute understanding of text and use this to develop their writing ability. 

In order to achieve this, we expect Y5 children to read at least 3 times a week and recommend daily reading. We ask that parents sign their child's reading record every time to acknowledge to the Teacher that their child has read.

READING RAFFLE - If a child reads 10 times and their record has been signed accordingly, they will receive a raffle Ticket and be in with a chance of winning  a very special prize !!!!!


The children in Y5 need to know the Y3 and Y4 Statutory spellings (below) before moving onto the Y5 and Y6 spellings. 

We are currently revising these spellings and your child will bring some of these home with them to practise as part of their weekly homework.  

We will also be revising the following spelling patterns: homophones, suffixes: able/ible/tion/sion/ssion/cian

Please feel free to support your child at home with these spellings. Many thanks. 


In Number, the children will continue to learn about fractions, focusing on improper fractions and mixed numbers; adding and subtracting fractions where denominators are multiples of each other and applying their knowledge to problems involving fractions. There will also be regular arithmetic practice to ensure calculations and fluency are secure. The children will also be focusing on measurements (mass, length and time) and conversions with Mrs Knight.


Please keep up the fabulous work on Times Tables Rockstars!   Osprey you can be a Rock God - just keep gigging! 




Homework is set every Thursday and due in the following Wednesday

READING: Recommended DAILY reading for all children in Osprey Class

Spellings: Weekly spellings are sent out in Homework Books to learn and use correctly in a sentence. 

English, Maths and Creative Homework is set weekly with specific objectives. 

Homework for Friday 21st June 2019. Please see below.

Useful websites:


Purple Mash has lots of grammar, Maths and spelling games to help you to learn. 


BBC Bitesize has great grammar games to help you with those tricky grammar rules.


Topmarks has some great games to help with different prefixes and suffixes and other spelling patterns.


Topmarks also has some fabulous Maths games if you would like to practise the four operations, fractions and decimals, place value, etc. There are loads to choose from to ensure you become a Maths Whizz!

Osprey Timetable

Dear Parents.....

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

Your child is our priority and together, we can work in partnership to ensure your child has a wonderful year of learning.

If you ever have any questions or comments, we are always happy to hear from you.

We have an end of day 'open door' policy at 3.20pm and although the mornings can be a bit busy, you can always catch us for a brief message. 

Thank you again 

Miss Walker, Mrs Knight, Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Ferguson and Mrs Conway