Tameside Culture ran a poetry competition to mark the Centenary of the armistice that brought the First World War to an end.
They decided to mark the end of their  Centenary commemorations with a poetry competition where selected poems will be read out on local radio and published.


We are delighted to announce that a child in Year 4 submitted a poem and has been chosen as one of the 11 poems to be published

It is called 11.11.18. Click HERE to hear one of the veterans reading it


Today I feel sad

Thinking of the family I had

Killed and gone in World War One

I wish I had my mum


Today I feel glad 

looking at a picture of my dad

he died for me 

he died for my family


Today I feel proud

At 11 o'clock- I wont make a sound

I’ll think about the soldiers

How they died for us


Today I feel strong

But for my family I long

I’ll never forget

Please never forget …

Well done Freya!!



The Achievement Certificates this week:

Robin Class - Isaac

Owl Class - Megan

Puffin Class - Ava

Swift Class - Ella

Wren Class - Joshua H

Osprey Class - Chloe

Kestrel Class - Ellie Mae


The Behaviour Certificates this week:

Robin Class - Etisham

Owl Class - Eva

Puffin Class - Buddy 

Swift Class - Sonny

Wren Class - Mia

Osprey Class - Declan

Kestrel Class - Niamh