Welcome to Osprey Class!

Welcome back to everyone, it's a pleasure to have seen you all back in school this week.

The class web page is looking a little sparse at present but will be updated over the next couple of weeks, just a reminder that we are coming into school through the church walk gate by 9.05 at the latest. If you need to drop off other children before this then the gates and the classroom will be open from 8.40. Pick up is through the church gate at 3.15.

More information about arrangements for homework and reading will be posted below.

If you have any questions then you can email me on our class email:


Mr. Rowlands


In addition to the class email, I have also set up a new Twitter account to follow all our exploits as the old Wren class Twitter is no longer in use. The new Twitter handle to follow is @MrRowlands1990.


Yearly Overview

This half term...

This half term we will be trying to link as much as possible in our literacy to the topic of Ancient Greeks with the book for the half term on Greek Myths.

We will be looking at Prometheus, Pandora's Box, King Midas, Theseus and Icarus among others.

There will also be a big focus on punctuation and grammar from Year 3/4 so we can ensure all children are ready to focus on the Year 5 standards after half term. 


With maths this half term we will be focusing on decimals from Y4 as this was one major unit that was missed due to the school only being partially open. We will also be looking at the children's arithmetic skills and giving them the chance to revisit some of the skills taught last year before cracking on with Y5 place value.

In Upper Key Stage 2 we have some exciting science units coming up, starting with looking at forces for the first time, including friction, buoyancy, gravity, air and water resistance. We will also be studying one of the great Greek scientific thinkers, Archimedes and his theory on moving the earth. There will also be an opportunity to look into gears, levers and pulleys and how they work.

Within our set topic lessons the focus will be on Ancient Greek history, looking into 6 themes that will run through all our history topics; housing, society, food, entertainment, beliefs, achievements. This will be a brilliant topic and we are already having lots of fun studying Ancient Greece.

Our first focus in RE is God where we will look at what makes up our God and how we know about him, looking at different biblical sources. 

Looking after the children's emotional health will be highly important as they settle back into the school routine and we will be always looking to ensure they are prepared to learn. If you have any concerns about this please let me know and I will do my best to alleviate any issues


Homework this year will consists of one or two pieces of work based around literacy or maths, these may be themed with our topic that half term as well. This will be set on a Monday and be due in on a Friday, if it isn't completed or handed in on time then children will have to complete it during breaks or lunch. 

In addition to set homework we would appreciate the children learning their times tables at home throughout the week using TTRS (if you need your child's login they can ask Mr. R). Reading books will also be handed in on Fridays and new ones sent home on Mondays with reading records, the reason for this is so we can comply with COVID regulations.

Spellings will start to be given out with homework each week but will be available on the website as well. Each child will have their 10 spellings to learn but will also have 5 random spellings from previous year groups tested to check they haven't forgotten them.

This weeks homework...

Homework Help...