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Swift Class Victorian Day

Science Week 2021

This year’s British Science Week theme was ‘innovating for the future’. Each class started with an assembly where they looked at innovations of the past and how they have impacted their lives. The children tried to imagine their lives without colour television, mobile phones, the internet and Velcro! This lead to some great discussions about what it takes to be an inventor. A lively science video from Mossley Hollins filled with exciting experiments got the children excited about what was to come during the week. Throughout the week we were joined virtually by three visitors. Their jobs ranged from working in the merchant navy to being a paediatrician nurse. Pupils were able to ask questions and gain an insight into their STEM based jobs. A lot of our pupils were very keen to join the merchant navy after hearing about the wildlife you see daily while out at sea. Pupils also took part in a variety of live lessons provided by the NFU Science Farm Live. Our Year 5 & 6 pupils attended Lambing Live and Future Farming Robots. Years 3 & 4 attended Vet School and were not too keen to learn how vets take the temperature of a cow! Years 1 & 2 answered the age-old question, which came first the chicken or the egg? All pupils were set the challenge of innovating a classroom for the future. Pupils were given a budget which had to cover everything they wanted for their classroom, including the walls and windows! They had to think about what inventions would make their classrooms future proof. The ideas were endless and they loved having the creative control over their rooms. The rest of the week was filled with wonderful investigations. Year 1 and 2 looked at the way chocolate melts and sets whilst making Mother’s Day chocolates, Year 3 designed a Robo-bug and Year 6 made lava lamps. Although not our usual kind of Science Week, pupils thoroughly enjoyed all the activities they completed and can’t wait to see what Science Week 2022 brings!

Science Week 2020

This year’s British Science Week theme was ‘our diverse planet’. Throughout the week, the children explored what diversity means and how it is represented across our planet. On Tuesday 10th PrimeVR gave the children the opportunity to visit the Borneo Rainforest and see the diverse range of animals and plants that are present there. They discussed the effects of deforestation and how it is affecting the animals that live there. They were able to move through the different layers of the rainforest and come face to face with the animal inhabitants. On Wednesday and Thursday the children took part in different science investigations where they were working scientifically and challenging their preconceptions. Friday saw Chester Zoo visit us. Children in key stage 2 focused on palm oil and the devastating effect it is having on rainforests, linking back to their PrimeVR workshop, while key stage 1 looked at the native and non-native species in our country and how we can support them better.

We also held a science poster competition and the top five posters as voted for by the children will be sent off to the national competition.

Fairtrade Breakfast - 2020

We welcomed parents/carers, governors and children to come and have their breakfast at school.  During the time we were able to raise awareness of Fairtrade products available in local supermarkets and celebrate the farmers and workers who grow the food we eat, promoting a living wage and fair trade.

A visit from Mr B

On Friday 6th March Mr B flew back down to earth to visit Puffin class and share his adventures of space with his buddy Space Ted. The children learnt all about space, imaged what it would be like to visit the moon and created their own space stations.

Puffin Class at Staircase House

On Wednesday 12th February Puffin Class visited Staircase House in Stockport to retell the story of the Great Fire of London. The children's historical knowledge impressed Catherine & Rosie who led the day. The children confidently recalled the important dates and information about the fire and made insightful comparisons to the 17th century.

Recreating the Great Fire of London

To finish their Great Fire of London topic Puffin Class set fire to Pudding Lane which they had recreated out of cereal boxes.

Young Voices 2020

Our choir joined nearly 8000 other primary school children at a Young Voices concert at Manchester Arena. We had a great time.

Puffin Class at Mossley Community Fire Station

To start out new topic we visited Mossley Fire Station. We had a great time look at all the equipment, having a tour of the fire station and we even challenged the fire staff to see how quickly they could get dressed into their protective clothing!

Bishop Mark's visit to school 

Some of the staff from Manchester cathedral, Manchester Diocese Board of Education, Bishop Mark, Father David and Father Ian joined with Year 4 to complete some art and craft workshops to think again about the First Christmas story.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

St George's Church and School worked together to raise £604 for Macmillan Cancer.  Thanks to all who came and supported us.

Mossley Community Showcase

On a cold Saturday in July, community groups from across Mossley joined together in the school and church grounds to showcase their organisation.  It was a lovely occasion and great to see what the town has to offer.  Thank you to all who came

Tameside Music Service & Radio Visit

Puffin class were luckily enough to have a visit from Tameside Music Service and learn all about drumming. Tameside Radio came along to hear us play and talk to Mrs Divers and Father David about the new outdoor classroom. 

Puffin Class Beach Trip

A wonderful way to end our fantastic year. The children had lots of fun building in the sand and flying their kites.

Ned's Mindset Mission

We were pleased to welcome Kyle from Ned's Mindset Mission to talk to all the children about never giving up and encouraging others in their learning.  The children were fascinated by Kyle's skills with the yo-yo and his magic tricks as he passed on a very important message about 'Go and Grow'

Visit from Pakistan

We were very pleased to welcome Mrs Francis, a headteacher from Station School 2 in the Lahore Diocese in Pakistan to our school.  She visited all the classes and learnt more about life in a classroom in England.

Year 6 Leavers service in Manchester Cathedral

All our Year 6 children went with Miss Kay, Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Divers and Father David to Manchester Cathedral to join with 500 children from other Church schools across Manchester Diocese for the Leavers service.  This was led by Bishop Mark

Puffin Class Sleepover

The children of Puffin Class arrived back at school at 7pm on Thursday 23rd May. There was excitement in the air as the children said goodnight to their parents and made their way to the school hall. Everyone laid their beds out, changed into PJs and settled into sleeping bags for a film and supper. Much to the teachers' surprise most of the children were fast asleep and snoring by 11:30pm! Half 5 the next morning came very quickly and after tidying up the hall the children had a morning play outside and got to be the first children in the new outdoor classroom. Parents began to arrive and together everyone had breakfast in Puffin Class. In the afternoon, they visited Mossley park and had lots of fun playing on the zip wire, climbing frame and swing. 

Miss Foster is very proud of Puffin Class for their behaviour at the sleepover, they were a real credit to St Georges.

Ian Bland Visit

St. George's were very lucky to have the poet Ian Bland work with our children. The day started with a wonderful and extremely funny assembly, followed by class workshops and finally, an opportunity for the children to perform their superb compositions. The day was a great success and much fun was had by all. The day has inspired many of our children to continue writing poetry and who knows, there may be a budding future poet in our midst!

Science Competition 2019

St George's took part in the MCSP science competition. Children had to design and make a product which would help to reduce, reuse or recycle waste plastic. On Wednesday 6th March all the children voted for their winner. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place entries were then invited to MHHS for a presentation evening where we were joined by special guests who voted for the overall first place winner across the Mossley schools. All children were presented with their prizes.

1st Place for St George's - George Zahra who designed a working sweet dispenser made from a plastic bottle. George won a £25 amazon voucher.

2nd Place for St George's - Daniel Yeomans who designed an egg timer made from two plastic bottles and glitter. Daniel won a '101 Brilliant Things for Kids To Do With Science'.

3rd Place for St George's - Louis Distin-Webster, Eve Owen, Alfie Lovell & Wilf Hughes. The children created a sleeping bag sewed together from single use plastic bags and a dog coat. They won a big box of chocolates to share!

The reveal of 'The Big Frieze' - Monday 4th March 2019

Each class has taken part in creating our own version of 'The Big Frieze'. This illustrates seven of the eight core concepts that are explored in our RE lessons. Father David joined our unveiling and blessed the artwork we had created.

Science Week - January 2019

Armistice 100

St George's joined with children from Milton St John's school and Micklehurst All Saints school to make our very own 'Poppy Waterfall' in St George's Church as part of their Armistice 100 celebrations.