St George's CE Primary School


 Attendance - Summer 1 - 2024


DATE RANGE 15th April - 24th May
ROBIN 94.13% 2.23%


NIGHTINGALE 95.98% 1.72%
WREN 95.74% 1%
OSPREY 97.1% 1.36%
KESTREL 97.55% 3.54%

At St George's we consider attendance and punctuality to be important. 

We work closely with our attendance officer based at Mossley Hollins High School and support the work they do. 

The following is an extract from some literature from the Local Authority highlighting the importance of regular attendance.  


Click HERE to see the school policy for attendance and punctuality 



Once a child starts school parents should not only make sure that their child 
attends school regularly, but also that they arrive at school on time, in uniform, 
and in a fit state to benefit from the education which is offered to them.

It is helpful if parents see themselves as working in partnership with the school 
in obtaining an education for their child. They can do this by teaching children to value education, to complete homework on time and to obey the rules of the school. This should be reinforced through discipline in the home.

The Local Education Authority has a duty to enforce the attendance at school of 
children of compulsory school age. If a child does not attend school regularly,
 the parent could be prosecuted in the Magistrates Court, and be subject to a fine or other penalties.


On 1st September 2013 new legislation came into force regarding holidays in term time.  The new law does not give any entitlement to parents/carers to take their child(ren) on holiday during term time.  Any application for leave must be in “exceptional circumstances”.   All leave will be recorded as unauthorised. Please fill in this FORM by clicking on the link if you feel you meet the criteria and wish to take your child on holiday during term time



It is important that children arrive at school in good time because it can be 
disruptive for the whole class if a child arrives late. It is recognised, 
of course, that on occasions there may be genuine reasons for lateness,
such as public transport difficulties.

If a child does arrive late, an explanation should be given to the class teacher. 
If the child arrives very late, without good reason, then he/she may not be entitled to be marked present for that session.



Sam is Year 8. 

His attendance rate is always around 90%. 

He thinks this is pretty good!


So what does an attendance rate of 90% look like?

90% attendance means that he is absent from lessons 
for the equivalent of one half day every week.


In Year 7 Sam’s 90% attendance rate means that he has missed the 
equivalent of four whole weeks of lessons in the school year.   

If Sam continues to attend for only 90% of the time, then over five years 
he will miss the equivalent of about one half of a school year.


How do you think 90% attendance rate will affect Sam’s chances of doing well in school?

Research suggests that 17 days missed from school equates to a GCSE grade.