Admission Arrangements

If your child is due to start RECEPTION  in September 2021 you will need to apply for a school place. As a Tameside resident, you will need to apply through Tameside Admissions. 

 Please apply online for a place in Reception via the Tameside website-

For nursery places, contact Castletop Private Nursery who will be running the Nursery at St George's.  THERE ARE STILL PLACES IF YOU WISH TO APPLY.


Click here to find the criteria used when applying for a place in Reception.  We would appreciate it if you can click HERE and fill in this form and return it to school before the end of January as this will assist us with ranking all the applications. 


If you have moved into the area, please contact Tameside Authority to see if there are places in the year group you require.  You may also wish to ring us on 01457 832496 to arrange an informal visit.

For the admission criteria for 2021-2022 please click HERE