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Weekly Timetable



Our Class Topic this half term is...................

Julia Donaldson


During this topic the children will have the opportunity to explore a range of stories written by Julia Donaldson and compare and contrast, plot, characters and settings. 



The text we are sharing this week is....................



 Home Learning Timetable


Julia Donaldson Continuous Provision Areas


Online Learning Week 1st - 5th March  

This week we are continuing to focus on 'The Gruffalo', Revisit the story and identify the main plot, characters and setting.



How does the Gruffalo feel when the animals run away from the mouse?


Which words would you use to describe the mouse?


Why do you think fox invited mouse for lunch in his underground house?


Why do you think the mouse told fox about the Gruffalo?


How does the mouse feel at the end of the story?








The Gruffalo Rhyming tic-tac-toe


Can you identify rhyme in the story?

The Gruffalo Rhyming Tic-Tac-Toe–Virtual Book Club for Kids - Royal Baloo

Roll the dice, read the word on the cube and find a matching rhyming word on the game board.

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The Gruffalo rhyming matching pairs

Can you match the rhyming pairs correctly?


Gruffalo Rhyming Word Pair Cards (SB10111) - SparkleBox

Download the rhyming cards and use them to play a matching pairs game.

 Gruffalo rhyming pairs.pdfDownload
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The Gruffalo party preparations 

Thursday 4th March is World Book Day and the Gruffalo is extremely excited as he loves reading books and thinks this day should be celebrated, therefore he wants to host a party for his woodland friends on Friday 5th March. Can you help him? 

Make a list

Can you write a list of what needs to included in the preparations?


EYFS team at Sandal Primary on Twitter: "RP have been very busy this week  planning and preparing for a Gruffalo party </div>
<div id=
 party list.doc Download
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 party list.docDownload
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Write an invitation

Can you write an invitation?

The Gruffalo Party Invitations & Envelopes x 10: Amazon.co.uk: Toys & Games

Download the invitation below, choose a recipient and fill in the details


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Gruffalo Crumble Recipe

Can you sequence the instructions  to make Gruffalo Crumble?

World Book Day: No Bake Gruffalo Crumble Recipe


  • 400g Digestive biscuits
  • 150g Milk Chocolate
  • 150g Dark Chocolate
  • 100g Butter
  • 75g / half a cup Golden Syrup
  • 70g Dried Apricots (Orange eyes)
  • 70g Raisins (Black tongues)
  • Purple Jelly Tots (Purple prickles)
  • Green Smarties (Poisonous warts)

1) Place biscuits in a food bag and, using a rolling pin, bash into small pieces. Little ones will love this part and can use their hands if it’s easier.

2) In a glass bowl, melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup over a pan of simmering water.

3) When melted, remove the bowl from the heat and add in all the dry ingredients (except smarties and jelly tots). Mix well. Again,

4) Spoon the mixture into a silicone tin or otherwise line a shallow square tin with cling film.

5) Using the back of a large spoon or potato masher, press down on the mixture to level and compact.

6) Add green smarties and purple jelly tots on top to decorate. 

7) Put in the fridge for 2 hours to set.

8) Cut into squares and enjoy your Gruffalo Crumble.

 Gruffalo Crumble ingredients.docDownload
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 Gruffalo Crumble recipe sort.docDownload
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Please log on to Rising stars daily and share a text that has been assigned. You can log on using your login details previously distributed. If you need these redistributing please send an email to Robin class email - robin@st-georges-mossley.tameside.sch.uk



Rising Stars Reading Planet – An Exciting New Reading Programme | MB  Communications



To reinforce the digraphs we have been learning in class watch the videos below. Can the children read the ccvc and the ccvcc words?

Practise reading words containing these digraphs on phonicsplay.





At the moment Phonics play are providing free access to resources and games.

You may log in with the following details:

username: jan21

password: home



Consonant Clusters

Reinforce consonant clusters introduced. 


Phase 4 Phonics Consonant Blends | st Initial Consonant Blend - YouTube



Phase 4 Phonics Final Consonant Blends - YouTube




Phase 4 Phonics Final Consonant Blends (Pt.2) - YouTube




Use magnetic letters to build words containing these digraphs.

 Obb and Bob game. 

Transform 2 bins, boxes or jars into Obb and Bob, the real and nonsense word aliens. Write a range of real and nonsense words featuring the above digraphs on pieces of paper or card. the children will select a word card and segment and blend to read. Once they have decoded the word card they will identify whether the word is real or nonsense and dispose of it either in Obb or Bob.


Tricky words song

Phase 2


Phase 3


Maths Activities

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Our number of the week this week is number 18. Introduce this number through the powerpoint below.


All About Number 18 PowerPoint (teacher made)

Can you set the children challenges to reinforce number 18?

E.g. can you find 18 objects?

Can you represent 18 using objects?

Can you jump 18 times?

Where does number 18 sit on a numberline?

Can you identify the number 1 less than 18?

Can you identify the number 1 more than 18?

Is 18 odd or even? How do you know?

Do you know any number bonds to 18?

How many digits in 18?

How many tens and how many ones?


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Comparing Numbers

Can you help the Gruffalo compare the numbers?


Comparing Number based on Julia Donaldson Topic - Resources - TES | The  gruffalo, Singapore math, Gruffalo activities

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Counting and Grouping

The Gruffalo and Forest Themed Week of Activities for Preschoolers



Small elastics,

paper and markers


present the children with a pile of sticks and ask them to tell you how many there are.
Ask them to count out 10 sticks so that they can make a group of 10 to make it easier to count the sticks.

Put the elastic around the bundle of sticks.
compare a bundle (group) of 10 to 10 more loose sticks.
"How many sticks in this pile?" 
"How many sticks in this group?
How many sticks all together?
Use the paper and markers to  write down the number 10 and put the groups of 10 sticks next to the numeral. 
Use the sticks to complete addition calculations e.g. 10 + 1 =  10+ 2 = etc

All About Number 18 PowerPoint (teacher made)

Repeating patterns

Can you create a repeating pattern?

Making repeated patterns in the woods. EYFS | Eyfs, Pattern activities, Repeating  patterns

Hide a range of pictures from the story around your garden. Instruct the children to go on a Gruffalo hunt to find the pictures of characters from the story. Once they have collected the pictures can they sequence them in a repeating pattern?


 picture cards.pdfDownload
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Terrible Tusks Kebab

Can you create terrible tusks kebabs using a repeating pattern?

Gruffalo crumble and other recipes : 24 recipes from the deep dark wood by  Donaldson, Julia (9781509804740) | BrownsBfS

To make your kebab you will need a range of fruit of different colours e.g. banana, strawberries, orange, apple etc and a kebab skewer.

Peel and cut your fruit into small chunks.

Begin to add your fruit to the skewer in a repeating pattern e.g. apple, strawberry, orange, banana, apple, strawberry, orange, banana etc.

Expressive Art and Design activities

Can you create a Gruffalo party hat?

Gruffalo Headband | KidsSoup Resource Library

What you need:

Gruffalo Headband pattern
Brown, orange, white, green, grey craft paper
Tape and stapler
Black marker


What you do:

Print Gruffalo Headband pattern and trace on to craft paper. Cut out the pieces. For the band, cut out two strips lenghtwise from the brown craft paper. 

Overlap ends and tape together.

Provide each child with the pieces needed to create the Gruffalo headband. With a pencil, mark the area where the children need to glue their pieces. 

Demonstrate how to glue the horns to the back of the strips.

Draw some ear details on the ears, fold a small piece at the bottom of each ear, and glue to the front of the strip.

With the black marker, draw an eye on each orange circle. Complete the Gruffalo.

Wrap band around the child's head and staple pieces together.

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Can you create decorations?

Can you design and make some Gruffalo bunting for the Gruffalo party?

The Gruffalo Display Bunting | The gruffalo, World book day ideas, Gruffalo  party

Download the blank bunting template and either colour, print or paint a design to represent the story. Once you have created your design on the bunting template thread the bunting on to string or wool.

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 Can you create a paper plate Snake decoration?

 You will need

a rolling pin, 

paper plate,

green paint, 

bubble wrap,


googly eyes,


and glue.


 First off, go into your kitchen and grab your wonderful rolling pin. This is going to make the coolest painting tool ever! Wrap a piece of bubble wrap around the pin and tape it. Squirt two shades of green on a flat surface and have your kids dip the whole thing into it.

Then have your kids roll it all over the paper plate almost covering the whole thing.

Let it dry for about 20 minutes and start cutting a spiral shape into the plate. Leave a rounded "head" at the end of the spiral.

Glue on two googly eyes, any size you want and cut a ribbon about 1-2 inches long. Your then going to cut a piece off the end to make it look like a snake's tongue.                             

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Can you build a log pile house for Snake?

Image result for gruffalo science activities

The first step of the activity is to collect the sticks that would become the log pile houses for snakes. Visit your local area and collect what you need. 

 Challenge the children to build a log pile house for snake just like in The Gruffalo.  Carefully stack the sticks on top of eachother. Challenge the children to build larger log piles houses, what do they need to do to keep the pile stable?

This STEAM building challenge does a wonderful job of combining science, engineering, and art. You can easily add in a little technology and math through measuring and counting the sticks. For the science part, talk about the habitat of snakes. Where do they live in the forest? Why would they choose a log pile house? Do they build the house or do they simply find a pile a logs and call it their house? The engineering part of the activity is the actual building. Explore how the sticks fit together. How high can you stack them before they tumble? 


    Can you go on a Gruffalo hunt and spot signs of spring?


 Image result for gruffalo trailideas

Go for a walk in your local area and look for signs of spring. Download the spring spotter sheet below and see what you can find. Can you find other signs of spring? Can you record what you find?

Woodland Animal Homes

Can you find out about the animals and their homes from the story?

Woodland Habitat KS1 | PowerPoint | Twinkl Primary Resources



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Physical Development

Joe Wicks

Complete a Joe Wicks workout by following the link below.


Joe Wicks announces he will hold free PE lessons on his YouTube Channel for  kids out of school | Daily Mail Online



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Complete a Gruffalo yoga session.

Image result for gruffalo yoga




Image result for gruffalo yoga

Download the Gruffalo yoga poses


Baking Activity

To support the teaching of 'The Gruffalo' follow the recipe below.

Oxfordshire Babysitting Agency: GRUFFALO OWL ICE CREAM CUPCAKES | Ice cream  cupcakes, Gruffalo party, Tea party birthday

first of all I cheated so I didn’t get them too wet and ruin the cone, by buying a cheap box of mix. For the cones Askeys seem to be the only makers of flat bottomed cup cones in the UK, and I picked mine up at Sainsbury’s. Fill your flat-bottomed cones 2/3 of the way full (most sites say this makes sure they cook all the way, but I probably filled mine a bit more and it was fine), and bake. I baked mine longer but at a lower temperature than the instructions for normal cupcakes. Pipe pre-mixed Betty Crocker vanilla icing on like you would pipe soft-serve ice cream for a self-service machine, adding some cocoa powder halfway through the tub to make chocolate ones. Top with milk button eye, a black dot of icing for the pupil and a sideways orange button (left-over from the Gruffalo crumble) for the owl nose. If I must say so myself, I think they look awesome.


World Book Day Thursday 4th March

Join us on world book day for a virtual Judith Kerr story experience. During this session we will watch a video film in the z-Arts exhibition, participate in a art workshop and participate in a story time.

 M for Mog hand puppet.pdfDownload
 Mog Activity Sheet page 2 (1).pdfDownload
 Mog Activity Sheet page 3.pdfDownload
 mog hand puppet material list.docxDownload
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 crocodile material list.docxDownload
 Tiger Colouring (1).pdfDownload
 Tiger Dot to Dot (1).pdfDownload
 tiger ears.pdfDownload
 Tiger mask materials list.docxDownload
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World Book Day - The Masked Reader

The Masked Reader by #TeamGR - FULL VERSION - YouTube

Can you guess who is behind the mask?

Watch the video clips attached of St George's staff reading a range of their favourite stories, Can you guess who is behind the mask?

The Gruffalo

The Tiger Who Came for Tea

The Book with no pictures

Nighty Night

AA Milne

Frog Poems

Can't wait to see who is behind the mask!!! The Readers will be revealed tomorrow.

Home Learning

We've been busy at home completing lots of activities and tasks. Take a look........



Writing Morning

Every Friday morning the children participate in a writing morning. During this time the children will complete a range of activities to reinforce writing skills taught earlier in the week. The activities may include practising letter formation in a range of media, name writing practise, a big draw and using magnetic letters to build CVC words using phonemes introduced during phonics. 






Look what we have been doing in class this week.....



Home Isolation Work



Useful Websites:

Learning in Lockdown | Parents and Teachers for Excellence

Oak National Academy - Online Reception class lessons each day

Classroom Secrets | Choice | Quality | Balance

EYFS home learning packs available to download containing a range of practical activities




Smith's Wood Primary Academy - E-Books from Oxford Owl


Interactive books and reading activities to share with your child at home


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