Dear Puffin Class,

Mrs Wright and I are extremely proud of everything you achieved this year in school. You have all worked hard in school and at home during school closure. It’s been an odd year and we have missed teaching you and seeing you all every day.

I’m looking forward to welcoming you back in September in our new classroom and with our new class name. I wonder how many times I’ll call you Puffins before remembering we are now Swifts!

Over the holidays, don’t forget to make sure you read every day and spend some time each week practising your times tables. You could even keep a diary of everything you get up to, using the year two writing mat further down the page to make sure you include everything in your writing I would expect. I will leave up the all the work that has been published from since school closed just in case you are still working through it, it can be found further down our class web page.

I've set you lots of different challenges if you wish to do them over the holidays.

Summer reading challenge
Make yourself a chart for August, have a look further down at the one I have uploaded, each day record how many minutes you read for and ask a parent to sign or sticker your chart. If you read for 15 minutes or more each day of August you will earn yourself a prize when return in September. I really hope I have to give out lots of prizes!
You could also take part in the Tameside Library Summer Reading Challenge by following this link for more information.

Times Tables Rock Stars Puffin vs Teachers
Sign into Times Tables Rock Stars and enter the battle of Puffin vs Teachers. You have up until 28th August to see how many points you can score against the teachers. Don't forget you can access TTRS via the app. I've just downloaded the app so I'm ready to battle!

There are some other challenges below. Make sure you have a good look through our class page at everything you could have a go at. You don't have to use the printed activities, don't forget all the web links to activities like Lego challenges and Draw with Rob.

Have a fabulous summer Puffins! We’ll see you in September.

We miss hearing you laugh,
we miss seeing you smile,
we even miss telling you to keep quiet for a while!
But we know that this has been worth it, to keep us all safe.
When we see you again, it’s going to be great!

Love Miss Foster & Mrs Wright



P.S: Don't forget, you can contact me at our class email address I'd love to read your diary entries if you choose to keep a diary throughout the holidays or hear about whatever you get up to!

Summer holiday challenges

How many can you tick off?

Visit the park – ask your grown up to go on one of the rides with you! Splash in some muddy puddles Skim rocks across a lake or the sea. How many times can you get your stone to bounce? Make a pet rock with paint to keep in the garden. What will you name it? Go bug hunting… how many different bugs can you find? Put them back when you have taken a picture of them.
Climb a tree Bake a cake Go for a long family walk up a hill – take a selfie when you get to the top Make a den in the garden Have a picnic in the garden
Make a den in your room – have a sleepover in it Blow some bubbles! Play with wet spaghetti or shaving foam – get messy! Find a picture you like in a magazine and cut it up into a jigsaw – solve it with someone at home Plant some seeds and watch them grow.
Google ‘discovery bottles’ and make one at home. Go on a bus or a tram ride! Feed the ducks or the pigeons. Dig for worms and make a worm farm Ask a grown up to make a scavenger hunt to do.
Play I spy Make some homemade lemonade Make a daisy chain and bracelet to match Make a chalk picture on the pavement or your garden Have a water fight with your family!
Learn a yo-yo trick Toss a penny in a fountain and make a wish Go on a hike Play a card game Paint using a vegetable or fruit from the kitchen
Make a sculpture out of twigs and stones Dress like a superhero for a day Draw a chalk target on the wall and throw wet sponges at it. Who can get the highest score? Make a family crest and create a flag using it Build a sandcastle

It's time to go on the hunt for the perfect picture to enter in the photographic competition. 

 Websites for home learning

English       Maths  History/Geography

Rising Stars Reading Planet Online  
Teach Your Monster to Read
Phonics Play Spelling Activity 
Listening Games 
BBC Bitesize   
Stories read to you 
World of Books
Elevenses with The World of David Walliams
Reading Challenges
Spelling Games
Letters and Sounds
Twinkl - Key Stage 1 - Share a Story 

White Rose Home Learning Activities
Times Tables Rock Stars 
White Rose Quiz Questions
Subtraction Grids
Calculation Games
Toy Shop Money 
Multiplication Tables   
The Maths Factor
Classroom Secrets games

The Great Fire of London
NASA Kids Club
National Geographic Kids
Virtual museum tours
World of Geography
UK Places and Landmarks
Continent of Europe
Continent of Africa
Continent of Asia
Continent of Oceania

Continent of North America
Continent of South America

Continent of Antarctica
Weather and Climate
Significant People Worksheet - History

Science and Computing


Health and wellbeing

STEM Challenges
Purple Mash
Learn to Touch Type
Science Max
Kitchen Science Experiments
31 Water Experiments
31 Science Experiments

Messy Church - Full sessions
Messy Church - Activities
Messy Church - Prayer and Music

Joe Wicks Daily Workouts
Joe Wicks Daily PE Lesson
Our school is closing story
100 ways to stay calm
Cosmic Kids Yoga
Children's meditations
Let's explore
Active Kids
Disney Workouts
Just for fun
Oti Mabuse Kids Dance Lessons
50 Things to do before you're 11 and 3/4
What's in a name?


Art and Music


Lego Challenge
Art & DT Challenge
Draw with Rob
Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems
Art activities
My Lighthouse
Kidz Bop
PBS Kids Music
Music Together

Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd July 2020


Videos and website links for Monday 13th - Friday 17th July


Topic Video

Resources for Monday 13th - Friday 17th July


Resources for Monday 6th - Friday 10th July


Resources for Monday 29th June - Friday 3rd July 


Resources for Monday 22nd - Friday 26th June


Resources for Monday 15th - Friday 19th June

Here is the video you'll need to follow to make your clock in your maths lesson.


Resources for Monday 8th - Friday 12th June


Resources for Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May


Resources for Monday 11th - Friday 15th May


Resources for Monday 4th - Friday 8th May


Resources for Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May


Resources for Monday 20th - Friday 24th April


Resources for Monday 30th March - Friday 3rd April


Puffin Class Gallery

Expectations for reading at home

Reading at home is very important in helping your child to learn new vocabulary and improve their spelling. Reading lets us explore new worlds and opens up our imagination.

It is our expectation that children will read their reading books at least four times each week and each time it will be signed by the grown up they have read with. In year two, each time the children have read they will earn a sticker on their chart. Once they have completed a chart they will earn a raffle ticket. At the end of each term they will be entered into a raffle to win a book hamper.

Reading books and records should be in school daily and will be changed on a Monday and Thursday.

We now have access to Rising Stars online. All children have come home with their log in details. Once they log in they will find their books assigned to them. There are a lot of books! The aim is not to read them as quickly as possible but to support comprehension at home. An expected reader is someone who is fluent and has a good understanding of what they have read. 


Each week ten spellings will be sent home for the children to learn and practise. These will be a mixture of the spelling pattern we are currently learning and the year two common exception words. Below is a list of all the common exception words we will be learning throughout the year. Children also need to read and write all of the numbers up to one hundred confidently.


In year two we will begin to learn our timestables. 
Every child has been given a login to Times Tables Rockstars. To log in click on the link below. To access the website make sure you type the school name in as it is below otherwise it won't find St George's. St George's CE Primary, Mossley Numbots - our new number bonds challenge


Please find below any letters relevant to Puffin class.