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Please find below a variety of resources to support learning at home during this uncertain time. I hope you find these useful.

All parents have now been emailed a link to Robin Class' home school link App 'Evidence Me'. I will set a daily challenge through this in addition to the weekly activities set out below. Please send feedback on the task your child completes through the App outlining how they approached it, support required and whether it was achieved. You can also link photographs through this App which would be lovely to see. These can then be added to the children's Learning journeys. Thank you.


Summer Term

We are approaching our final half term of the year and our final topic 'Superheroes'. Throughout this topic the children will focusing on the role of a superhero. Before we begin the topic next week the children will need to create a mind map of the things they already know about a Superhero and new aspects they would like to learn. These aspects will then be added to the half terms planning.



Can you create a mind map about Superheroes? What would you like to find out?



Superhero/Villain Mind-Map: – LukeDzn           Creativity Takes Courage: What is a hero?

Take a photograph of your mind maps and send by either email to Robin class email or attach a copy to Evidence me. This information will then be implemented in to the half terms planning.


Scroll down the page for Home learning wk commencing 22nd June

During this unprecedented time it is important that we are all looking after our physical and mental wellbeing.  This week is mental Health awareness week, the theme is kindness, which is extremely important specifically at the moment, to highlight the importance of mental wellbeing I have collated a range of activties that you may find useful to complete with the children at home.  


Share this powerpoint to introduce the children to identifying how others feel and how they can express how they feel. 

World Mental Health Week: All about Our Feelings PowerPoint



Emotions, Expressions and Feelings Worksheet



Things That Make Me Happy - Drawing Activity



Emotions Board Game



Make paper plate emotion masks to show how you are feeling.

So simple it's brilliant. Talk about feelings and make these emotion masks at preschool.



 Health and Wellbeing Pack



Here are some wellbeing challenges that you could try........

Well being Challenge Card for Students | Teaching Resources



Click on the link to access some yoga sessions for children. Yoga is beneficial for children Physically, it enhances their flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness. In addition, their concentration and sense of calmness and relaxation improves.

Home Activities & Links - CVUSD Preschool





Create a Kindness tree.

You will need:

  • a lot of coloured card
  • scissors
  • tape
  • large roll of brown paper or cardboard
  • black marker
  • large envelope
It is the important to demonstrate the importance of doing kind things for others.
Tell your child that you will be watching them and everytime you see them doing something kind you will give them a card heart to attach to the kindness tree. When you spot an act of kindness write the act on the card heart and present it to your child.
Send a Kindness postcard 
Writing activities that promote kindness from growingbookbybook.com
Make a postcard for a neighbour or somebody you know would benefit from a Kind message. 
Cut a piece of A4 paper or card and cut it in half. On one side decorate with a picture or a collage and on the other side write a simple message e.g. 'Have a lovely day' don't forget to write who it is from. Then send your message to brighten somebody's day.
Make a kindness potion.
Make some rainbow coloured Kindness Potions Sensory Bottles to learn about what makes a kind and caring heart, after reading The Story of the Kindness Elves book! This is such a fun way to learn a little science, PHSE, literacy and a sprinkling of awe and wonder. The kindness potions sensory bottles make a wonderful...Read More »
Fill a range of jars with coloured glitter mixed with water. Label the jars using the key provided,

This is what each colour represents:

Red = Kindness

Orange = Joy

Yellow = Love

Green = Patience

Blue = Peace

Purple = Gentleness

Pink = Compassion

Once the bottles are created the children can write a kindness potion e.g. 2 drops of joy, 3 drops of patience etc. The children can then follow their recipe to make their potion.

EYFS All About Kindness Activity
Positivity Stones
Make some positivity stones to leave in your local area for people to find. 
Collect a range of stones and decorate them with positive messages such as 'smile', 'be kind', 'be brave', 'hope' etc to spread kindness and positivity to the people who find them.

Home Learning for week commencing Monday  13th July

Dear Robin Class,

I hope you have all been participating the tasks set, these are some of the activities we would have been completing in class and are linked to the objectives for your year group. 

Remember it is really important to keep practising the skills we have been taught in class and learning new skills through activities that are being set. It also important to enjoy participating in activities with your families e.g. playing board games, going on a daily walk and talking about what you can see, sharing a bedtime story and playing games such as eye spy. Along with the activities set below I will continue to set a daily task through 'Evidence Me', you can record your task through photographs, video's or written feedback and send it back to me. I can then add these tasks to your learning journeys.


The topic for the last half term of the year is 'Superheroes'. The text we will be this week is 'Traction Man'.

Listen to the story by clicking on the link below.


Traction Man Is Here: Amazon.co.uk: Grey, Mini: Books



 Introducing the text:


Share the  text with your family highlighting the main aspects. How is the style of this book different?                                       





    Traction Man Is Here: Amazon.co.uk: Grey, Mini: Books               Traction Man     Traction Man Is Here: Amazon.co.uk: Grey, Mini: Books    

Using the text answer the following questions.


Can you make a prediction using the front cover?


Who is Traction man?


Who is being held captive by Evil Pillows?


How does Traction man know they need help ?


Who helps with the washing up? How does he help?


Who saves Traction Man? How does he save him?


How does Traction Man rescue Scrubbing Brush? Why do you think he chooses to do this?


What is the 'People Mover'?


Why is Scrubbing brush excited when they arrive at Grandma's?


How does Traction Man feel about his gift from Grandma?





Mark Making/Writing task:


Story Map.

To begin create a story map of the text to retell the story and demonstrate an understanding of the text.


Traction Man Story Map | Teaching Resource | Eary Years | EYFS

Retelling the story and capturing it on film


'Traction Man' includes a range of everyday objects e.g. dishcloth, scrubbing brush, pillows etc. Can you find the objects from the story in your house and use them to retell the story?

Why not create a mini film of your retelling?


Watch the link below to magpie ideas.


Traction man is here - Mini Grey - YouTube



Your retelling will provide you with an insight into Traction Man's character. Now create a Character Profile:


Can you choose a range of adjectives to describe 'Traction Man'?



Character description:

Throughout the text Traction Man wears a range of different clothing dependent on what he is doing and who he is rescuing. Can you revisit the text and identify your favourite Traction Man costume? Can you add this outfit to the template of Traction Man attached below? Can you talk about why it is your favourite costume?

Traction Man literacy planning | Teaching ResourcesTraction Man no Twitter: "Don't be afraid toys, #TractionMan will ...


Download available below




Part of the story is set in the sink where Traction man encounters a range of objects from the kitchen. Revisit this part of the text and describe what you can see. 

Can you create a representation of the setting? This may be in your kitchen sink using objects from your kitchen, it may be a collage or a detailed drawing.


                            Traction Man Is Here | Teaching Ideas                                   10 Lessons You Can Teach Using Powerful Children's Book Pictures


You could also complete the setting activity attached below.


Thought Bubbles

Traction Man | Traction man, Best children books, Man 

In this part of the text Traction man receives a gift from Granny. Do you think he like it? How do you know?

What do you think he is thinking? Discuss with somebody at home what Traction man is thinking abut when he puts on his new gift from Granny. 

Now can you create some speech bubbles for Traction Man?








Phase 1 Listening and attention

Listening skills can be difficult to master for many children. Help children develop their listening skills. 

Listening Game - Phase 1 Phonics - Listening and Attention Skills ...



Farm Animal Sounds - Listening Game on the Farm - What the ...



Teacher's Pet » Phase 1 Phonics Silly Soup Game




Superhero Alliteration Activity Pack (teacher made)




Tricky Captions and Tricky Words

This is a video to support the children with understanding how to read captions containing the tricky words to and the, as taught using the Letters and Sounds Phase 3 Phonics programme. Teaching phonics can help some children improve their reading as they learn to blend the phonemes for reading.

Phase 2 Phonics | Tricky Words | Blending to Read - YouTube


Captions With Tricky Words

This is a video to support the children with understanding how to read caption containing tricky word no and go, as taught using the Letters and Sounds Phase 2 Phonics programme. Teaching phonics can help some children improve their reading as they learn to blend the phonemes for reading.

Phase 2 Phonics | Tricky Words | Blending to Read - YouTube 



Superhero Smash!

Superhero HF word smash! | Phonics activities

Write an array of Reception High frequency words on folded pieces of paper. As the children read the word accurately smash the superhero on top of the word.


Superworm Initial Sounds Identifying/Matching | Teaching Resources

Download the pdf below and match the pictures from the story to the correct initial sound.


Chunking Longer Words | Letters and Sounds

This is a video to support the children with understanding chunking, as taught towards the end of the Letters and Sounds Phase 3 programme. Teaching phonics can help some children improve their reading as they learn to blend the phonemes for reading.

Phase 3 Phonics | Blending to Read - YouTube



Superhero Digraph Game


Folder Game Superhero Starts (beginning digraphs)' Phonics I ...



 Phase 3 Phonics Aliens Assemble PowerPoint


Superhero Themed Phase 3 Phonic Words Activity


Teacher's Pet » Phase 3 Phonic Sound Sorting Game OA and IGH


Sight Words 

Simply Phonics: Phase 4 High Frequency Words (HFWs) Practise blending these Phase 4 high frequency words. Read the word before it flashes with a glow. The tricky words are coloured red.

Phase 4 Phonics Sight Words | English Flashcards - YouTube





Vowel Digraphs ay ou ie ea | Learn to Blend

Learn to Read and Spell | Simply Phonics: Phase 5 | Vowel Digraphs ay ou ie ea. Learn to read and spell using the blended phonics approach or 'synthetic phonics'. This is a short Phase 5 Phonics video to help teach or revise the /ay/ou/ie/ea vowel digraphs.


Phase 5 Phonics | Vowel Digraphs ay ou ie ea | Learn to Blend ...



Adding -er and -est - Level 5 Week 24 Lesson 3



Position and Direction

This week we are going to focus on position and direction.

To begin we will revisit position. Can you identify any positional vocabulary?

FREE! - Positional Language Word Cards (teacher made)



Using the positional language provided can you set up a scene from the story (see example from a different story below) and describe where characters or objects from the story are e.g. Traction Man is in front of Scrubbing brush. Dishcloth is on top f the spoon etc.


Rosie's walk prepositional language activity. I made the artefacts ...       


Create a large grid on the floor using masking tape or a similar alternative and place objects from the story on the grid. Can the children describe the position of the objects e.g. the scrubbing brush is above the dishcloth, Traction man is next to the evil pillow etc.

                     Giant Floor Graph City | Coordinate graphing, Upper elementary ...                              2015-2016 STEM Challenges - Ms.Morgridge's5th Grade Class 2015-2016 



Further challenge add letters and numbers to the grid and provide co-ordinates for the objects.

Remember along the bottom and up the side.

Numeracy lesson - starter activity - to recap coordinates. The ...





To introduce this area of learning download and watch the powerpoint below.


Position Movement PowerPoint Game




Using the large grid created for position place objects from the story in squares spaced around the grid. Choose a start square and find a doll/action figure to represent  Traction Man. Place Traction Man on the start space and  provide oral directions to a member of your household to move Traction Man to a specific object e.g. directions to scrubbing brush: move forward 2 squares, turn right, move forward 3 squares etc. 

Now have a member of your household give directions for you to follow using the grid. 


 Giant Floor Graph City | Coordinate graphing, Upper elementary ...

Traction man directions

Traction man is lost in Granny's house and needs you to provide directions to help him find his way out. 

Create a simple maze using lego. Place a doll/action figure (to represent Traction Man) at the beginning of the maze. Provide oral instructions to direct Traction Man through the maze e.g. forward 3, turn left, forward 3, turn left etc.

 Okay bee bots are AMAZING. They help children learn to CODE! The possibilities of how to use them are endless! Definitely want them for my class one day!!


Now try this


Superworm Track game


Download this game to play at home

Collaborative Foundation Stage Resources for Registered Users ...





Counting in steps of 2:

The Counting by Twos Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden - YouTube


Counting in steps of 10:

The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden - YouTube





2D shape


Can you create a representation of Traction Man using 2D shapes?

2D Shape Art. Would love a reflection sheet with this to integrate with math assessment

Cut a range of 2D shapes from coloured paper and arrange the shapes to create your representation of Traction Man. Which shapes have you used?

Can you talk about their properties?


2D shape art

 Shape Mobile - individual pieces created.

Why not create some 2D shape art work in the style of Kandinsky?


3D shape

Can you create a representation of Traction man using 3D shapes?


Your child's creativity will soar as they design this robot. This activity is perfect for working on 3d shapes, fine motor skills, and problem-solving.

Create your own 3D shapes from paper, card or use 3D shapes you find around the house e.g. boxes, cans, tin etc. Then use these shapes to create a model for Traction Man.


Craft activities:

Can you design a new costume for Traction Man?

Traction Man is Here | Sketching Weakly

Design a new costume for Traction Man using the template. What materials will you use? What pattern will you include? Will he have any special gadgets?


Can you design a box for Traction Man?

Traction Man is an action Toy and is a gift. He arrives in a box. Can you design a new box for Traction Man?

You could use an old cereal box and adapt it to create a box fit for a Superhero. Think about the design, will it match the colours and patterns of Traction Man's costume? Will it include any pictures etc to highlight the gadgets and special powers he has?


My Traction Man display #tractionman #ks1 #display 



 Traction Man needs a new waterproof diving outfit. Can you help him find the right material?


Traction Man Is Here! by Mini Grey

Which materials could you test?

Choose a variety of materials to test e.g. fabric, plastic, card, paper, wool etc. Explore the materials and make predictions about each one.


How will you test them?

Think of a way you can test whether the materials are waterproof. e.g. Place the materials over a cup or a bowl and dopr water on to the material.


What will you need?

Make a list of all the materials and equipment you will need to test the materials.


How can you make it a fair test?

Think about how you can test the materials fairly. what will you need to keep the same to ensure it is a fair test.


Now carry out your experiment and record your results.





Please remember it is really important to share a book each day. This could be a book from home, a text on rising stars or your school reading book. 


I hope to see you all soon,I am missing you all, stay safe

Mrs Hanson






 Traction man waterproof experiment.docxDownload
 Traction man waterproof experiment.pptxDownload
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Superworm Maths downloads

Showing 1-4 of 4

Look what we've been doing at home.....................................



Reception Tricky words to read and spell

Please practise both reading and writing these words............

Phase 2






Phase 3














EYFS Home Learning online


Websites and Apps to support home learning


Barefoot home learning is a site which provides a range of activities and games to support children's computing skills. 




Beebot App
Beebot App
Beebot App
The App makes use of Bee-Bot’s key functionality and enables children to improve their skills in directional language, programming sequences of forwards, backwards, left and right 90 degree turns.




To access online music resources

Go to https://www.GMmusiconline.co.uk/yumu
Enter your username and password you have been sent by text message in the boxes on the screen

Click on the Log In button.
All done! Click on the world to get started.



corona virus free edtech

emile education

Click the link below to access a range of activities to complete at home.


The website is creating weekly home learning packs to take the stress out of these uncertain times due to the outbreak of coronavirus.



A range of books have been assigned to your child to access using their individual logins that  were sent home during the children's last week. Please make use of this fantastic resource to ensure your child reads everyday to maintain and embed the learning strategies they have already been introduced to. Click the link below to gain access.


Reading Comprehension

Cracking Comprehension - Primary Education English Literacy Resources


To access this resource log on to Rising stars with your reading planet login and click on the cracking comprehension icon the select Reception. This will provide access to a range of activities that will require the children to read words and longer passages and answer questions linked to what has been read. Click the link below to gain access.



What is Phonics?

Click the link below to access a range of activities to support phonics at home. The children are currently working within phase 3 so any games and activities within this phase will be beneficial and will support and embed previous digraphs and trigraphs taught.



Image result for mr thorne does phonics

You can access a range of video clips to support phonics through 'Mr Thorne does phonics' through youtube. Here Geraldine the giraffe introduces the children to a range of digraphs and trigraphs through identifying a range of objects in her home.

We are currently working within phase 3 phonics:








Phonics Bloom create interactive online phonics games to help teach children the relationship between letters and sounds and develop the skills needed to read and write. 



Image result for tricky words song phase 2

Click on the link below to access songs to support the teaching of tricky words. 



Image result for tricky words song phase 3

Click on the link below to access songs to support the teaching of tricky words. 




Can the children include these tricky words in written sentences?



Click the link below to access a range of video clips to support P.E at home delivered by Joe Wicks



White Rose Maths has prepared a series of Maths lessons for Early Years


Sumdog (@sumdog) | TwitterSumdog uses educational games to motivate children in math, reading and writing. They can play these games on most computers, tablets and mobile devices


Image result for maths factor

Click the link below to access a range of activities to support Maths at home.



This website has a range of exciting  scientific home activities to access for children of all ages.

Some activities linked to our class topic of 'Growth' to try at home

Image result for plant science experiments

Celery experiment

Place some celery in 4 different glasses of coloured water and leave for several days. What are your predictions? What did you observe?

Why did this happen?

Image result for plant science experiments

Do plants need light?

Plant 3 seeds in 3 different pots. Place one on the window sill, one on a shelf and one in a cupboard. Now observe over several days. Make a prediction. How can you keep the test fair? What did you observe?


Image result for cresshead

Grow a Cress head

you will need:

 a container e.g. yogurt pot

 a packet of cress seeds

soil or cotton wool


10 foods you can buy once and grow forever. You save...#buy #foods #grow #save

Regrow Carrots

Place a carrot top or tops in a bowl, cut side down. Fill the bowl with about an inch of water so the top is halfway covered. Place the dish in a sunny windowsill and change the water every day.

Leaf rubbings.

Leaf Rubbings

You will need




Eyfs Maths Repeating patterns with Harvest festival themed vegetable printing.#eyfs #festival #harvest #maths #patterns #printing #repeating #themed #vegetable

Vegetable printing

Select a variety of vegetables and chop the in half. What do you notice? compare the similarities and differences. Now can you create a repeating pattern by printing with the different vegetables.


 Seed Investigation! Using tweezers to pull seeds out of different types of fruits and vegetables, children can sort the seeds by Color,…    Mail – B0803414@student.bishopg.ac.uk

Where do seeds come from?

Explore a variety of fruits and vegetables. Chop them in half, what do you notice? Do all fruit and vegetables have seeds? Compare the fruit and vegetables, how do the seeds differ?

Sensory nature science for kids- The Seeds We Eat. Great for Eric Carle's Tiny Seed book. via @karyntripp

Seeds we eat

The Foundation Stage topic this half term is........

Throughout this topic the children will explore the growth of plants, humans and animals. They will compare and contrast the different stages of development and investigate what plants, animals and humans need to grow healthily.  

The text we are sharing this week is..........

Areas of Provision

Weekly Newsletter

Science Week

To begin the week the children carried out an investigation to identify how cress grows. They made predictions, planned a method and identified how to keep the test fair. The children are now observing how the cress is growing and recording their findings.

During the swap around morning the children had the opportunity to investigate giant bubbles. They compared the difference between bubble mixtures to find the most successful and created their own bubble wands to blow giant bubbles. The children worked as a team and persevered to achieved the acquired result.

Shrove Tuesday

Teddy Bears' Picnic

To conclude our class topic of Toy's we held a Teddy Bears' picnic for Barnaby Bear.  In preparation the children wrote invitations and shopping lists made decorations, prepared food, made party hats and brought their favourite cuddly toys from home, Barnaby thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with the children and the children thoroughly enjoyed it too. 

Little Bikers

The children started their  'Little Bikers' sessions this week. These sessions introduce the children to the skills needed to ride a pedal bike. The early sessions focus on the ability to ride a balance bike. As the sessions progress the instructors assess the children's ability and when they feel the necessary progress has been made they encourage the children to transfer these skills to pedal bikes.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this first session and wowed us with the skills acquired. We look forward to observing the children's progress over the next five sessions.





Our Class trip to Legoland Discovery Centre

Breaking News!!!!!!...........Breaking News!!!!!!....... 

A serious incident has occurred this week in Robin Class. The children arrived in school on Wednesday morning to find the classroom in disarray and one of their favourite toys missing. The children took on the role of police officers to investigate the crime and located a range of evidence which was bagged and sent to forensics for further investigation. We are seeking witnesses who were in the vicinity on Tuesday evening to come forward with any information. If you can assist please contact Robin class. 

Crime Scene Photos


 Police Line up

Following contact from a witness it was established the culprit who entered Robin class on the early hours of Wednesday morning was around 150cm tall with long brown hair tied with a yellow bow. This new evidence was greatly received and has taken us one step closer to locating our lost police station. In order to eliminate members of the class who have been under suspicion the children participated in a Police line up and their heights recorded and processed. Fortunately for the staff all the children were cleared of any involvement and investigations are ongoing.

An arrest has been made.................Suspect brought in for Questioning.

After several weeks of investigating a suspect was finally brought in for questioning. Officer Lisa made the arrest after following leads brought about by Robin class. At 10.00am on Friday morning Mr Dennis Harvey (office manager) was apprehended and taken in to Robin class where he underwent vigorous questioning. He fiercely denied all allegations until the evidence was disclosed and he broke down admitting it was him who had taken the police station. He reservedly apologised for his out of character behaviour and blamed boredom from answering the school telephone as his motive. The children were extremely forgiving and encouraged Mr Harvey to ask and share in future.

Case closed: 27.9.19

 Nursery Big Draw

Look what we have been doing in class...............

This weeks Baking Activity..........