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Nightingale Class (Year 2/3)

Welcome to Nightingale Class

Hopefully you can find all the information you need regarding Nightingale Class. At the bottom of the page you will find a files list with copies of letters and homework. If you need any other information, please contact

Our class teacher is Mrs Gorczyca and our teaching assistants are Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Wright, Miss Rogerson and Miss Arzoo. This half term we are also joined by Miss Adams, a teaching student from the University of Huddersfield.

On Thursdays Hayley or another member of the Active Tameside team will teach PE and on a Wednesday afternoon the class is taught by Mrs Jamieson.

Our Timetable

On a Monday and Friday afternoon, Year 2 children will join Owl Class with Mrs Towell for their Science, History and Geography learning.


Our current English text

Our current Maths units

Addition and Subtraction (Y2)
Shape (Y2)

Addition and Subtraction (Y3)
Multiplication and Division (Y3)


RE Learning Challenges

Can I give reasons for my ideas?
What is the gospel?
Why is baptism important?
How do Christians show their beliefs about God the trinity in worship?
How do Christians show their beliefs about God the trinity in the way they live?
How do Christians view the Holy Trinity?

Art Learning Challenges

What is a collage?
Can I create a collage inspired by a story?
How can I use line to create shapes?
Can I use printing to create patterns?
Can I combine collage and printing to create a Christmas scene?

Science Learning Challenges (Year 2)


What do we mean by the term ‘physical property’ of a material?

What are the things I use made from and how can I tell?


Is there a pattern in the types of materials that are used to make objects in a school?

Which material would be best for a waterproof coat for Sunny?

Who was Charles Mackintosh and why was he important?

 Science Learning Challenges (Year 3)

How many types of rocks are there?
Sedimentary rock: what is it?
Metamorphic rock: what is it?
Igneous rock: what is it?
What are fossils?
What is soil made from?

 Geography Learning Challenges (Year 2)

 Why does Sunny live in the Kalahari desert?

Which animals live in cold places like the North and South Pole?

 How do polar bears keep warm?

Why do people usually like going to hot places for their holidays?

Reflection: Would you rather be a Meerkat or a Penguin?

Geography Learning Challenges (Year 3)

What is under the Earth's surface?
What happens when the Earth's plates meet?
How do volcanoes impact on the lives of people and why do people choose to live near them?
What causes an earthquake and how are they measured?
What causes an tsunami and how are they measured?


We will be continuing project homework this year. As the children will study different Science, History and Geography units depending on their academic year group, we thought it would be nice to set different project homework. This will provide them a chance to share what they have been learning about when they're split as a class. 

If you're not sure what academic year group your child is in, please ask.

We can't wait to see what they produce this half term!

Year 2 Project Homework

Year 3 Project Homework

Spelling Homework

Each week ten spellings will be sent home for the children to learn and practise. These will link directly to the spelling lessons we are doing in school. Spellings will be tested on a Friday.

Mrs Gorczyca's group 


Mrs Jamieson's group

Coming soon


Nightingale class will change their reading books every Tuesday and Thursday but the children need to have their reading records in school each week. 

To ensure our children become fluent, comprehensive readers we would like them to read their home reading text at least 3 times. Each time your child reads, it should be recorded in their reading record and signed by the adult who listened to them.

Research suggests that :

  • First read - a child decodes the words but doesn’t fully comprehend the text
  • Second read –a child becomes more fluent at blending the words and begin to read for meaning.
  • Third read –a child is reading fluently and reading for meaning

Please encourage your child to re-read their book at least 3 times before they request for it to be changed.  

Every child has been provided with their login for Rising Stars Reading Planet. The link you will need to access the website is below. Our centre ID is 198939


Below you will find copies of our newsletter, homework and spellings alongside any other letters sent out from Nightingale Class.

 A1 Newsletter - Nightingale Class.pdfDownload
 A2 Newsletter - Nightingale Class.docxDownload
 Parent Leaflet - Year 2.docxDownload
 Parent Leaflet - Year 3.docxDownload
 Parent Presentation Night.pptxDownload
 Project Homework - Where do the leaves go in Winter.docDownload
 Project Homework - 1 - Stone Age to Iron Age.docDownload
 Project Homework - 2 - What makes the earth angry.docDownload
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Google Classroom Link

Please use the link below when accessing online learning


Our curriculum plan

Please see below for the curriculum plan overview which shows the units we will be studying this year.

Photo gallery - Year 1/2 - 2022/2023

Nativity 2023 - Are We Nearly There Yet...?

Below are the songs and lyrics for our 2023 Nativity. Please help us by supporting your child in learning the song words. 

Song 1: Tick Tock

Song 2: It's A Long Way to Bethlehem

Song 3: Bye bye!

Song 4: Are We Nearly There Yet?

Song 5: Faster Than A Rocket

Song 6: Travelling

Song 7: Jump Up!

Song 8: Come and Worship

Song 9: Rejoice with Us!