St George's CE Primary School

Swift Class (Y3)




Page last updated: 20.09.22


  • PE kit every Wednesday and Thursday
  • Reading record should be in everyday 
  • Spelling test every Wednesday 
  • Homework due at the end of the term


Welcome to Swift Class

The class teachers are Miss Kay and Miss Chadwick and our teaching assistant is Mrs Jamieson.



Our Current Class Text

Our first class text is 'Stone Age Boy' and linked to our History unit on 'Who were the first people in Britain?' We will begin the term by writing an adventure story in literacy. 

Our Maths Topic

For the first three weeks Miss Kay and Miss Chadwick are focusing on Place Value. 

We will cover: 

Step 1 Represent numbers to 100
Step 2 Partition numbers to 100
Step 3 Number line to 100
Step 4 Hundreds
Step 5 Represent numbers to 1,000
Step 6 Partition numbers to 1,000
Step 7 Flexible partitioning of numbers to 1,000
Step 8 Hundreds, tens and ones                                                        Step 9 Find 1, 10 or 100 more or less
Step 10 Number line to 1,000
Step 11 Estimate on a number line to 1,000
Step 12 Compare numbers to 1,000
Step 13 Order numbers to 1,000
Step 14 Count in 50s

After Place Value Miss Kay will be focusing on addition and subtraction, whereas Miss Chadwick will be looking at Multiplication and Division! Make sure you're ready by practising your 2's, 5's and 10's!

Please feel free to ask the free parent resources on the white rose website: Parent resources | Maths workbooks | White Rose Maths

Tuesday 20th September 2022

Today in literacy we set up our own Stone Age Camp. We worked in teams to make an authentic camp, sang a campfire song and then had to pack up for the migration. This work will feed into our writing tomorrow. 



Remote Learning



Times Tables

By the end of year three the expectation is that all children will be confident with their 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, 4s and 8s times tables. We will practise these at least three times a week during school. The children will need to use Times Tables Rock Stars at home for a least 10 minutes a day to practise these tables. All children have been provided with a login previously, but if you have lost it please don't hesitate to ask for a new one.

To access Times Tables Rock Stars please follow the link below and use the school postcode (OL5 OHT) to find our school.  

Expectations for reading at home

Reading at home is very important in helping your child to learn new vocabulary and improve their spelling. Reading lets us explore new worlds and opens up our imagination.

Every child has been provided with their login details previously but if you have lost them please just ask. The link you will need to access Rising Stars is below. Our centre ID is 198939. 

This Terms Homework

Year 3 Spellings 

Spelling Homework

Spellings will be handed out on Thursday 8th September for the first spelling test on Wednesday 14th.

Year 3 Curriculum Plan