St George's CE Primary School


The subject leader for Religious Education is Mrs Knight and Mrs Divers



Although St George’s Primary school is a church of England primary school within the Diocese of Manchester.  In Key Stage 1 children investigate Christianity through the Diocesan scheme of work plus other religions linked with major festivals and topic work.  Whilst in Key Stage 2 they continue with the Diocesan scheme of work which includes further work on Christianity.  All year group also focus on other religions of the world and try to link similarities between them and Christianity


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Knowledge of the beliefs and practices of a range of religions supports the promotion of tolerance and understanding of other members of the wider community.  

  • Our broad aim for RE is to teach children about the Bible and the teaching and practices of Christianity.
  •  To aid children in their spiritual journey and to develop their own beliefs and values.
  •  To prepare children for life in a mixed society by introducing them to the religious experience of people with other faiths.
  • To aid children on their spiritual journey in the discovery of things that matter. 


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