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The subject lead for Science is Mrs Gorczyca


Science Intent

At St George’s we encourage children to be inquisitive and investigative. Our key aim for science is that when children leave our school in year six, they have the skills and knowledge available to challenge ideas, be critical thinkers and become the next generation of innovators. The science curriculum fosters a healthy curiosity in children about the universe around them. We believe that science encompasses the acquisition of knowledge, concepts, skills and positive attitudes Throughout the programmes of study, as outlined in the 2014 National Curriculum, the children will acquire and develop the key knowledge that has been identified within each unit and across each year groups, as well as the application of scientific skills. Working Scientifically skills are built-on and developed throughout children’s time at the school following our detailed progression so that they can apply their knowledge of science when using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently and continue to ask questions and be curious their surroundings.

Science Implementation

Teachers create a positive attitude to science learning within their classrooms and reinforce an expectation that all children are capable of achieving high standards in science. Science will be taught in planned units which can be taught weekly or in a block depending on what is most appropriate for the topic. Planning is informed by and aligned with the national curriculum. We follow a learning challenge curriculum at St George’s and where possible in science, cross-curricular connections are planned for with strong links to other areas of our curriculum. Each unit is linked clearly to skills and vocabulary to ensure progression across topics throughout each year and across the school. Working Scientifically skills are embedded into lessons to ensure these skills are being developed through the children’s time at St George’s. The children will have access to key language and meanings in order to understand and readily apply to their written, mathematical and verbal communication of their skills. A new unit begins with children conveying what they already know as well as what they would like to find out. Through our planning, we involve problem solving opportunities where children are encouraged to find things out for themselves. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions and be given the change to use their scientific skills and research to discover new answers. The local area is also fully utilised to achieve the desired outcomes along with educational visits further afield and visitors to school. Outcomes of work are regularly monitored to ensure that they reflect a sound understanding of the key identified knowledge. The promotion and use of an accurate and rich vocabulary throughout school is planned in science. Each year we will celebrate National Science Week, providing opportunities to study a current world issue.

Science at St George's

Robin Materials

Changing materials

Solids and Liquids

Light and dark

Floating and sinking



Health and nutrition 





Healthy eating

Swan Seasonal Changes Animals including Humans Use of everyday materials Seasonal Changes Plants Seasonal Changes
Swift Animals including Humans Rocks Plants Science Week Forces and Magnets Light
Wren States of Matter Animals including Humans Sound Science Week Electricity Living Things and Their Habitats
Osprey Forces Earth and Space Properties and changes in materials Science Week Living Things and Their Habitats Animals including Humans
Kestrel Living Things and Their Habitats Electricity Light Animals including Humans Evolution and inheritance


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Science Week 2022

This year's theme was Growth. The week was kicked off by an assembly, led by some of the year five pupils. Classes took part in live lessons throughout the week where they learnt about life cycles and climate change. Many different experiments around the theme of growing could be seen around school. Every child planted a sunflower to take home and we'll be finding out in July who's sunflower has grown the tallest. 

We ran our usual poster competition and below you can see four winners voted for by the staff and pupils as well as some picture from the week.

Science in the news!


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